The Lofty Artists

Janie Whited

M.Janie Whited - Fine Art

Since Mother Nature is my favorite artist a lot of my images are inspired by her work. I had the priviledge of sailing in Flordia for several years, and anchored near many bird sanctuaries. Egrets, Herons and many protected species are regulars in my work.

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Ru Otto - Writer

I am a recent Northwest transplant who spent the better part of my 40's and 50's exploring Florida's sand hill forests and gentle coastlines. I've been writing short stories and poetry for 35 years but only recently have begun to dabble in watercolors. Writing a short story about dolphin's and illustrating it with my paintings seemed the next obvious step. My seven year old grandson, Zephyr, loves the water and he is the obvious star of the story.

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Iron Sculpt

Steve Mansour - Fine Art - Sculptor, Wood and Metal

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Anne and Mark Mulligan - Photography



Heidi Heimarck - Writer / Theater Artist / Mulit Media artist

Heidi has been working as Producer, Actor, Director and Playwright in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. She is the founder of the Mae West Fest, providing opportunities for women writers and directors to find a voice and a stage.

Currently she teaches playwrighting in Everett. Contact her at

Vessel Genevieve Heuer - Ceramics

Christine Shannon - Paintings in oil : Digital work

watching this world unfold before me



uneeda INK

Liam Cole
uneeda INK
- writer, graphic design & theater arts

~ Simple effective Graphic and Web Design - please visit for more information.



Patricia Ariel - Fine Art - Illustration - Graphic Design

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Cassandra Reed - Fine Art - Singer - Writer

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Dario Impini Dario Impini - Photography

Dario's photography captures the soul of the feminine form at its most serene, incorporating sweeping landscapes whether in nature or in the studio. Bridging the realm of fine art and traditional boudoir, he is available for commissioned work. Visit INFINI Boudoir Seattle for more information.

Michael Bell - Artist/Sailor

Paintings of energy, drama and precariousness of life in its color, vibrancy and passage of time. Click on the image at left to be taken to examples of his work or visit.

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Steven Leyba - Bookmaker, Writer, Mixed Media

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Lemons vs Limes dot Com (click here) Julia Belzetsky - Hair/Makeup Design - Social Media
  Kathy Dooley - Collage, Bookmaker, Writer
  Linda Amesquita - Jewelry
  Daryll Duncan - Fine Art / Tattoo
  Jesse James Jeter - Sculpture and Fine Art

Amanda Heyne -Jewelery

  Nick Eskridge - Videography/Photography
  Michele Rubatino-Graphic/Web/Social MediaDesign

Michelle Seaton - Illustration - Poet

  Keith Livingston - Musician
  Isaac & Bernice Delgado - Mixed Media
  Ruth Lopez - Fine Arts

John Blubaugh - Fine Arts

  Angela Belzetsky - Fine Arts

Rayleen - Graphic Design

  Guinn Wilson - Dance/Tarot

Nancy Thacker - Mixed Media Arist

  Jacob Seek - Illustrator

Jimmy Sharp - Musician - Woodcraft

  Nicole Selene - Writer / Jewelry
  Jeff Elder- Jeweler, Fine Art
  Aimee Luzier - Ceramics - Painting - Theater Arts
  Morgan Lord - Costume Design
  Keith Rincon - Photography
  Andre Delgado - Musican
  Steve George - Writer
  Chris Fergeson - Poet and Mixed Media
  Lori Mitchell - Fiber Arts - Quilting
  Lexi Mitchell - Writer/Illustration
  Melinda Hannah - Fine Art